Various items created by our designer, Marcel, are one of a kind pieces that cannot be found on our website. The clothing is unique and made with environmentally friendly non-toxic dyes.

Recently, Marcel created these great new textured dyes he calls mustard and grape. The mustard dye can be found on our mens hemp relaxed pants, women’s hemp pants, our hemp retro graphic t-shirts, and our mens hemp long sleeve crew neck t-shirts (medium only). The grape dye can be found on our mens hemp relaxed pants, women’s 100% hemp pants and our mens hemp long sleeve crew neck t-shirts (medium only). These dyes offer a splash of brightness and individuality to any outfit.These colors look great with simple styles.

The non-toxic dyes hold benefits of their own because of their eco-friendly nature. Toxic dyes are incredibly harmful to our planet because they are known to pollute water and air. In the textile and fast fashion industries, after the dyeing process is completed, wastewater is released into local water sources. This wastewater holds trace amounts of toxic dyes that contain chemicals that harmful to aquatic ecosystems. The chemicals within these toxic dyes can interfere with aquatic algal growth, hurt aquatic animal populations and change chemical concentration within the water. Also, contaminated dyes can enter water systems used by local communities and can degrade a local population’s health. Non-toxic dyes do not contribute to water pollution and aquatic ecosystem degradation. Also, non-toxic dyes do have carcinogens within them, so workers producing items using non-toxic materials are much safer from health issues.

In addition, we have two new styles within the store. We have the women’s hemp cropped long sleeve and short sleeve t-shirts (XS small only). These two styles cater towards a younger generation of girls that grew up in a culture in which our fashion industry was encompassed by mom jeans and high-waisted styles. These two super comfortable and cute styles are simple and very versatile, so they can be worn with a cute skirt or your everyday worn-in jeans. Also, these t-shirts are both durable and breathable, so they will last and can be worn year-round. Lastly, these styles are made using environmentally friendly and fair trade practices. AND, they were produced locally in Santa Barbara.