Here we have Micah, a long time model for MarcelHemp, wearing our white hemp sun hat. This hat is made with 100% hemp and offers UV protection. UV rays often burn through fabrics, such as cotton, but hemp offers a first layer that will fight against that sun! Also, this hat has an adjustable draw string that allows for many different head shapes and sizes. And, this draw string allows our sun hat to be warn around your neck and out of your face when it’s not being used. The hemp fabric is breathable, sustainable and durable! This hat acts as a staple for local fishermen on hot days because it can be used as an air conditioning when soaked in water and rung out.

This hat comes in many different non-toxic dyes ranging from a bright yellow to an earth-toned brown. Each hat has a unique textured appeal that comes from our hands on dyeing process. This hemp sun hat can be found on our website here.

Wearing this sun hat is Micah, an old friend of MarcelHemp. Micah wears his hat everyday while he teaches surf lessons in Santa Barbara, CA through his business Surf Lessons & Safaris in Santa Barbara. If you’re in Santa Barbara and looking to learn how to surf please check him out on his website.