Here at MarcelHemp, we have worked tirelessly to create stylish and comfortable clothing that is loved by people all of shapes, sizes and generations! But, why have we specifically chosen to use hemp as our main fabric in most of our clothing?

Hemp is triple threat! Its breathable, durable and sustainable. Hemp’s durable nature allows it to outlasts clothes made from other fabrics. Also, hemp softens with wear, so as the years go by, your clothes will get more and more comfortable. Because hemp is one of the strongest fibers used for clothing, it will resist stretching or becoming distorted in shape. Hemp can also resist mold and ultraviolet light, so any hemp garment acts as a first layer of sun protection on those hot days. Due to hemps porous nature, hemp is water absorbent and incredibly breathable so it holds dye (even bright colors) and can acts as a natural air conditioner.

Hemp also has many sustainable advantages over other textiles, so you can feel good in your stylish garment and feel good about the environment. Hemp is an incredibly fast growing crop, so it can be produced in large masses using substantially less land than fibers like cotton and flax. This means that natural environments around hemp farms can flourish because less land is being used for agricultural purposes. Also, hemp grows roots up to three feet long, which is similar to that of root structures of the forests in tropical and temperate environments that these plants are usually grown in. The root system also prevents runoff and creates structure within the soil that allows for nutrients and minerals to flourish. This creates soil that can ensure the success of any future plants grown on that land. The growing process requires no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or GMO seeds, which ensures lower pollution rates than other textile crops. Hemp can also be grown as a carbon negative crop, meaning it takes in more carbon dioxide than is produced in the growing process. Synthetic fibers are made out of plastic and don’t decompose, but hemp and other organic fibers are compostable and will decompose to create fresh soil.

Hemp has been used for thousands of years by Indigenous groups around the world. AND, hemp was the fiber used to sew the first American Flag by Betsy Ross.

After reading this, I hope you have realized the amazing properties of hemp and check out some of our hemp clothing!